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The SalesFactor Model

SalesFactor’s methodological model pursues a thoroughgoing, holistic approach:

The customer is the focal point. Our model assures that your employees totally understand their customers’ market and its strategy, and further guarantees that they grasp the concrete requirements.
In the second phase, the contents for the approach are tested and sharpened. The employees’ profiles form the basis for this. Which methods do they use in daily operational practice? How do they use their tools? Are the measures reviewed? And do the processes satisfy the requirements of a successful sales operation?
SalesFactor’s service provision for implementation involves the virtuosic handling of consulting, training and coaching. The solution concepts are individually applied, while taking into account the hierarchical levels and the profiles. Firsthand experiences of personal success enhance employees’ motivation. We place particular importance on assuring the long-lasting effectiveness of the measures after the completion of individual projects.