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Task Service
Increase sales performance Introduction of sales methods and tools to actively guide the sales team
  Interactive onsite coaching of sales staff and sales management in the SMB area

Cold acquisition on Executive level Operational implementation of the development of a new business field
  Cold acquisition of appointments on Executive level at midsized to large public utilities

Increase the turnover and
the percentage of closed deals
Percentage of closed deals Interactive coaching of the sales team to take advantage of opportunities

Secure short-term plans Generate new business opportunities within the framework of a structured, goal-oriented account analysis
  Generate order inflow to increase it to a predefined level within nine months
  Use accompanying and supportive coaching to empower the account organization to implement the plan

Assure organic growth Assure the business goal through individual qualification of sales personnel Goal-oriented guidance of sales projects
  Goal-oriented guidance of sales projects
  Work out distinctive features and value propositions
  Efficiently use sales methods and tools in praxis
  Recognize customers’ needs and optimally adapt offerings accordingly

Assure turnover goals Actively support the sales team to acquire “must wins” in the SMB area
  Offer method-based coaching and guidance for the sales team (through integration) in current sales-process coaching + interim management

Sales Empowerment Enable partner companies to successfully place software products in the German SMB market
  Achieve a concretely defined license volume for the business in a fiscal years time

Concept design to build up Concept consulting / creation of concepts
a new sales channel Consulting, organization, personnel selection

Managed Sales Establish sales channel by founding a sales company (outsourcing)
  Volume-related and sales-related partnership with the commissioning client

Increase solution selling skills Value Selling and Executive Selling
  Value proposition development
  Deal Coaching