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The four cornerstones of a successful project and solutions business:

SalesFactor’s portfolio of services takes into account the modes of action in complex sales situations as are typical in the solution business and thus assures long-lasting success.

SalesFactor’s portfolio of services is built upon the four cornerstones of a successful project and solutions business:

Goals and Strategy
A strategy can only build upon clearly defined goals. SalesFactor’s model supports you in clarifying your goals and strategy, on which it bases subsequent courses of action.

Market and Offer
Do the selected target groups match the defined goals? SalesFactor assists you with segmenting the market and compiling the critical success factors, thus helping you to develop a palette of offerings that ideally meets each individual customer’s needs.

Processes and Organization
SalesFactor’s model closes gaps in operational processes and helps to optimize them. This enables the customer-related areas and divisions within your business to achieve a holistic customer orientation.

People and Methods
The foreground is occupied by the profiles and abilities of the sales personnel, who take measures from the aforementioned cornerstones and translate them into actual praxis. SalesFactor’s approach empowers your employees with the necessary capabilities, heightens their awareness of the special features of their customers, and shows them how they can optimally apply methods and existing tools to achieve sales success. SalesFactor’s consultants, trainers and coaches support your employees by offering advice based on the well-founded, demonstrably successful knowledge and skills they’ve acquired during decades of work in the project and solutions business.