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Types of Services

Consulting, Training und Coaching
are the three essential types of services offered by SalesFactor to implement the methods in a sales project.


Sales personnel cannot always assure the desired success solely by changing behaviors and methods. As a rule, it’s generally necessary to begin by analyzing the parameters and rectifying any detected weakness. In the consulting field, SalesFactor relies on consultants who have many years of experience and a high degree of competence in all sales-related issues. Our classical fields of sales consultancy include:

Business Analysis
A business analysis by SalesFactor provides you with an exact, onsite analysis of your sales organization and its staff. You receive objective information about your employees’ abilities and methods. We amass this information by interviewing employees and evaluating the results according to benchmarks. The business analysis makes visible the optimization potential of organizational and individual circumstances.

Market Segmentation
Do the selection and customer value match the target groups addressed by sales? Does the customer value correspond to the costly investment for intensive personal support? On the basis of unambiguous facts, SalesFactor gives you clear recommendations for actions relevant to market segmentation and business development.

Sales Messaging
The messages you send to your customers contribute significantly to your sales success. If these messages are carried out correctly, they create the necessary distinction between you and your competitors. Your services are communicated optimally and in accord with your customers’ needs. Most importantly, your customers are given logically convincing and unambiguous reasons which explain why the solutions that you offer are genuinely useful for them.

Sales Strategy and Sales Process
Do you want to carry new solutions into new market segments? Do you want to consistently take advantage of the market’s potential? Do you want to increase the transaction value? SalesFactor defines the relevant market segments, calculates the turnover potential and specifies concrete targets for your sales staff.

Sales Management Cockpit
SalesFactor’s sales management cockpit gives you fact-based decision-making aids to implement your sales strategy. And it also functions as an early warning system, so you can speedily detect and counteract undesirable tendencies. The sales performance always remains transparent, thus helping your employees to pursue mutual goals.


The preparation and conduct of SalesFactor’s trainings are based on the individual qualifications and preconditions of their participants. The most important element is a praxis-oriented approach rather than the imparting of theoretical knowledge. The praxis transfer occurs in the form of on-the-job training. This also applies to all of the methodological and didactic elements. Parallel to the training, coaching measures assure that the training achieves long-lasting results.

SalesFactor’s trainings teach your employees:
A systematic method to develop a complete understanding of
  your customer’s industry
To develop solutions that meet your customers’ needs
To articulate cogent and impressive argumentation
To position your business in a sustainable way
To include all of the customerÕs management levels
To cultivate and take advantage of opportunities


The coaching secures long-term and sustained effectiveness of all implemented measures, methods and consulting projects.

Whereas training measures aim to develop and improve the abilities of the people on your sales staff, the coaching (considered methodologically) has a more extensive task: because coaching exerts a positive influence on each individual’s fundamental mindset.

SalesFactor offers an especially success-oriented coaching variant known as “Deal Coaching”. Here, an experienced coach accompanies the entire sales process with the goal of assuring that deals are closed speedily and reliably. The “Deal Coaching” can significantly increases the hit rate of the the Account Manager and / or the whole sales team.